Best companies for owner operator truck drivers 2021
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If you’re an owner-operator who is looking for loads or maybe a company driver who wants to take his career to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

This reading is just for you because I’m highlighting the best owner-operator trucking companies so you could clearly know your options.

But what is an O/O diver first of all?

What is an owner-operator truck driver?

An owner-operator in trucking is a small business owner who runs a company with one or more trucks.

Owner-operators can operate under their authority, which basically means they are responsible for every aspect of their business.

However, owner-operators can drive for another company where the company provides loads, dispatch, and logistics for the owners to run their business.

Owner-operators typically have more autonomy and control over their work schedule, loads, and routes, but also more responsibilities and expenses like maintenance, insurance, taxes, and compliance regulations. They are self-motivated and are responsible for generating their own income. They may also have to finance or lease their own trucks and equipment. The earning potential for an owner-operator truck driver can be higher than that of a company driver, but it also involves higher risk and more responsibilities.

Best Companies for Owner Operators

There are many owner-operator companies that are hiring right now. Even though the market is not as great as it used to be, there are still well-paid loads for owners. However, you need to choose the best company that offers the highest percentage of the gross. Here is our list of the top 10 companies for owner-operator truck drivers.

1. Roehl

Roehl transport Inc.

With one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, Roehl Transport is set to be your legit choice when looking for an owner-operator firm.

  • A business advisor that works with you for the loads that support your business.
  • Mileage-based compensation.
  • Top fuel surcharge program.
  • Affordable truck lease/purchase program.
  • Training and support.
  • Assistance with your business structure.

In order to drive for Roehl, you don’t necessarily need to have a truck, as they have an affordable Lease Purchase program, that will help you transition into the owner-operator world easily.

2. Prime

Prime Inc.

Independent contractors enjoy more revenue, and Prime is not an exception. Drivers earn a percentage of the freight, while percentages vary on the division you’re driving for. For instance, refrigerated and flatbed drivers earn 72% of the freight bill, and tank drivers earn 71%.

The perks also look satisfying with various discounts and programs such as Prime time certified award, driver referral bonus, safety award, CDC lodging discounts, and others.

3. Freightech

Freightech Inc.

Freightech is a trucking and logistics firm from Lemont, Illinois where owner-operators earn well and enjoy the benefits this position offers. To be a CDL owner-operator driver here, you need at least 2 years of driving experience and a truck no older than 2010 with insurance and registration.

But Freightech also features Lease to Purchase program where you’re getting a new Freightliner truck at an affordable price. Or maybe you just want to lease trailers for your fleet, but Freightech got you covered too because you can lease equipment with this company.

What else Owner Operators enjoy at Freightech?

  • 2700-3500 and more weekly miles
  • Fuel company cards
  • 100% No-touch freight
  • Truck repair and trailer maintenance
  • National tire discount
  • Referral bonus
  • Safety bonus
  • Paid layover and detention
  • Dispatch with no force option

Freightech operates across the West Coast, Midwest, and Southeast with long hauls to FL, TX, CA, WA, and OR.

4. Landstar


Landstar is a well-known trucking company specializing in third-party logistics (3PL). With over 10000 owner-operators in the US, Canada, and Mexico, this is certainly a company where you can fulfill your dream as an owner-operator.

The company claims that owner-operators have absolute freedom to choose the loads that meet their business needs and to go home whenever they want.

The dispatch is 100% non-forced, and you need to be at least 23 years to drive with them.

5. Werner


Werner is one of the leaders in the Transportation industry and this company can offer competitive pay, 24/7 support and great equipment.

Werner’s terminal network with 13 locations across the state, leading-edge technology, and various training programs are just a few of the benefits that this company provides to its drivers. Fleet owners can earn up to $2.53 per mile depending on the length of haul.

Overall, Werner is a great company to work for and advance in your career.

6. Swift

Swift transportation

Swift is a well-known Transportation company and the right place to join as an owner-operator. This Arizona-based American truckload motor shipping carrier have 40 terminals and shops across the country and offers dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed trailer types.

To partner with Swift, you need to be at least 21 years old, while your trucks must be 2011 or newer. Prior to application, your tractor must pass DOT 1 level inspection.
The various perks and benefits make this company one of the top choices for owner-operators.

7. J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt is Arkansas based transportation and logistics company founded in 1961 and today counts around 30000 employees. You see how large is this company, and they have one of the best programs for owner-operators on the market.

J.B Hunt offers flexible plans within their Intermodal and Truckload fleets, where intermodal contractors can choose from local and regional runs depending on their location. On the other side, truckload contractors can book loads in their App without the need of approval.
With J.B Hunt, you have no forced dispatch, roadside assistance (free of charge), fuel discount, a large network of bases, new equipment, and competitive pay.

8. Schneider


Schneider is certainly one of the top companies in the industry, because of their history, expertise, and diverse opportunities. The company revolutionized the industry 25 years ago by launching the first satellite. Now, fleet owners can choose the loads and routes up to their preferences having total control of their businesses. And you can do this on your mobile or tablet by using Schneider’s app. In addition, 90% of the loads are drop-and-hook.

You can make some good money with this company, and if you don’t, you’re doing something wrong or you’re in a bad area.

9. PAM Transport

PAM transport

PAM is another company you may have heard of because it has been present since 1980. They are claiming to be the leader in safety in the industry.

What’s the offer for owner-operators? As the rest in our list, PAM Transport offers weekly pay, no forced dispatch, 24/7 rescue service, fuel, and tier discounts, and driving dedicated lanes.

If you don’t have trucks but still want to be owner-operator, you can take advantage of PAM’s lease purchase program. This is a solid foundation to grow your business.

10. Koch Trucking

Koch trucking

Last but not least. Koch Trucking is a family-owned company founded in 1978 in Minneapolis. This company is a good starting point for owner-operators because it offers good pay, great benefits, and quality equipment.

The company offers several positions owner-operators can choose from:

  • Local/Dispatched Van
  • OTR Van
  • Dedicated Marine Fleet
  • Dedicated Specialized
  • Dedicated Flatbed

They pay contractors on a mileage basis, while your tractor needs to be 7 years old or newer. The average length of haul is 500 miles, and they pay you $50 per stop.


After in-depth research, I found the above companies to be most promising for truck drivers who want to make a career as an owner operator.

Of course, there are hundreds of trucking companies that hire owner operators, and you can look up on the Internet or ask on relevant forums.

But the mix of salary, benefits, equipment, and company’s culture set above apparat from the rest.

Do you know some other companies that offer a great opportunity for owner-operators? Let me hear from you.

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